imvu game review

imvu game review

IMVU is a free-to-play social online network and virtual world where millions of members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, and enjoy animated 3D scenes. You can shop, dress up your avatar and give it a personalized look, design and decorate your own 3D space, and meet new people from all over the world.

Developer: IMVU
Platform : Windows


IMVU has the largest virtual merchandise catalog in the world, with more than 6 million items, adding about 7,000 new items each day, almost all created by its own members. This catalog contains just about everything, from 2D stickers to detailed 3D items such as virtual jewelry, clothing, hair, cars, and other fun things that help IMVU community members create an IMVU identity as unique as your real one is.


Go shopping and dress in style – choose your look and shop in the IMVU catalog for over 6 million items. Search for the latest clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories and more. Try everything you want for free.

Create and sell your own designs- Share your creativity. Create your own designs in 2D and 3D and sell them directly in the IMVU catalog. You can do fashion, furniture, rooms and more. Become a star designer and publish your creations for free in the IMVU catalog.

Meet new people in 3D – Chat in 3D, hang out in thousands of animated 3D spaces and have fun. Thousands of new people come to IMVU every day, so there will always be some that you can meet.

Design and decorate your space – Create the experience you always wanted. Choose your scene, furniture, accessories and use them to decorate your own 3D space. Invite other members to visit your room. Organize your own party.


IMVU already has 50 million registered users, more than 10 million unique visitors per month and more than $ 40 million in revenue per year.


Internet connection


You create an avatar in the free browser game IMVU, play minigames and meet other players in virtual cafes.

Do you want to meet new people, but you do not want to leave the apartment? Then you should try the free browser game IMVU ! There you meet your friends and players from all over the world in virtual cafés and pubs. The special feature of the chat is that you not only see text messages of the other, but communicate with Avatar.

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Before you guide the character through the world of IMVU, you design it. Everything about the figure can be changed. First, you choose whether you want to immerse as a male or female character in the online world. Then you decide which skin and hair color your avatar should have and scroll through tons of clothing. How you combine trousers, pullovers and shoes is up to you. Each player has an individual avatar. You can take a picture of your character and share it with other players. You can comment and like the pictures. Throw yourself in a shell and upload a picture of your virtual self!


You can spend your time in IMVU chatting with others or playing games. There are several mini-games that you can play in the browser or on the smartphone and tablet. In one of them you work as a bartender and finish as many guests as possible in a short time. In another, you’re running your avatar through an eerie castle to uncover secrets and solve a puzzle . The better you beat yourself in the games, the more coins you earn. In turn, you invest in new clothes and accessories.

In addition, every day in the online game, you have the chance to earn more coins by dedicating yourself to the Daily Spin. With one click, you set the turntable in motion and, with a bit of luck, you can earn coins, clothes and accessories.

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